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Verónica Mota ist eine Avantgarde-Musikerin aus Berlin. Ihr Soloprojekt verschaffte Mota eine große Resonanz in den Bereichen der elektro-akustischen und analogen Klangsynthese. ​Ihr musikalisches Vokabular erstreckt sich dabei von alchemischen Sounds über Klangskulpturen, cineastische Soundscapes, Ritualmusik bis hin zu Ambient und Noise.

Ihre Musik erschien bei Lust Vessel (Japan), Hylé Tapes (Paris), Corpus Callosum (Leeds, UK) und weiteren Musik- und Sound Art Labels wie Urban Arts Berlin oder  bei dem Indepent Label Instruments of Discipline (Germany). 

Zu dem musikalischen Einflüssen Motas zählen Delia Derbyshire, Sun Ra, John Cage, Anne Gillis, COIL, Muslimgauze, SPK und Merzbow. 


Verónica Mota is a professional sound artist currently working in Berlin. Her works encompass analogue and digital synthesis, field recordings and Musique Concrète techniques, often displaying her proficiency at playing a variety of instruments. She has produced a large body of soundtrack work for Radio, film and performance, and, with Cubop & Espectra Negra, as a solo artist in her own right.

Born in Mexico City, Mota explores sound as a fundamental inherent human experience. She works conceptually researching the political and social impact sound art has. Her research moves around sound as a collective experience as well as an individual expression. She also researches sound as a force provided by nature better known as bio-acoustics. She talks about the Physics and the Metaphysics behind sound.


Some of the questions she is interested on are: What is the importance of sound for the human experience? How can sound create collective experience? Is sound an alternative for liberation? How do new technologies interact with sound art today and how good or bad is technology changing our perception and interaction with sound? Can we talk about sound as a political experience? This are some of the questions Verónica Mota researches as a constant in her work.


Technically speaking Mota embraces the old school of sampling, analogue instrumentation and synthesis. She has a long experience de-constructing sounds and doing sound art collages with a strong dosis of ritualistic elements as well as what she calls „psychological sound“ under which she explores the connection between sound & the human mind. Verónica Mota has collaborated over two decades with filmmakers, musicians, writers, poets, choreographers and dancers. She also operates as a sound designer. She has been released by different labels and keeps on producing solid sound works.


Her interests lie mainly in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Ethics, Critical Theory, Capitalist Realism, Technology as Ideology, Simbols & Rituals, Mental Health and Social Justice. Her practice is intersectional bringing together sound, academic reasearch,  self-written text & music. 

Mota works also spreading knowledge outside academic contexts in online format giving lectures on a variety of themes related to Music and her different themes of research. She defends strongly the idea about the importance of intellectuals als public figures. Particularly today in our Post-Truth Momentum.


She writes text as lyrics and essays for her Zine Collective Sarah Connor Has A Dream as well as a Berlin based independent author analising deeply our contemporary societies and exploring creativly  potential futures.

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